Come Together … Move Forward


On November 11, we heard from more than 15 members of the community about how we as INDIVIDUALS and COMMUNITIES can move forward in a positive direction, despite the vulnerabilities created by a new administration.

Below is a list of organizations and efforts being made to PROTECT and ADVANCE issues relating to the environment, sexual orientation, rights for minorities and women, reproductive rights, immigrant rights, and more.

Climate-focused campaigns, projects and actions led from the bottom-up by people in 188 countries.


Planned Parenthood of Northern Central Southern NJ

Mary Alice Carter


Julie Burstein

Importance of creativity


Morrow Church – Immigrant family, LOCAL resettlement program

Dean Nielson

(973) 763-7676


Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

Reshma Ketkar


Frank McGehee

Vic DeLuca

Nancy Adams

Maplewood elected officials


Community Coalition on Race

Indira Singh

Barbara Belazquez


Kambiz Roghanchi

Muslim student


Roger Ian Rosen

“They deserve us at our best.”


North Jersey Pride

Jan Kaminsky


David Brancaccio

Economic issues impacting rural areas


Center for Reproductive Rights

Autumn Katz, Emily Regas


Village Green

Mary Mann

Importance of local, independent journalism



Adrienne Fudge

Importance of remembering seniors


Renée Leviton

Raising awareness about sexual assault


Maggie Greenwald

Need for an understanding across racial identities, locally


Carolos Horcacitas

Grade school student. Importance of children defending other children – people sticking up for each other.


Maddy Stern

HS student. Importance of having art as an outlet, and parents leading by example.



College Student – reminding community to teach him how to move forward, and to leave behind their good work.


Christina Jones

HS Student and cellist – reminder that even someone’s demographic identity says very little about them.