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Podcast – MILKWOOD: A Lampoonerymilkwood-podcast-iconFNL

On lawns, in minivans, and beneath the gambreled roofs of Milkwood, absurdity is at hand. Small minds and deep pockets meet in a battle royale. Romp with us through a saucy suburban satire played out as an old-timey soap opera, complete with live original music. Four episodes recorded in front of a live audience.

Written by Marcy Thompson and Jenny Turner Hall.

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Starring: Sandy Rustin, Adam Dannheisser, David Josefsberg, Charlie Pollock, Brad Stone, Bev Sheehan, Julie Campbell, Meg Persichetti, Marcy Thompson, and Jenny Turner Hall.

Podcast – “The B Word”

Are you a podcast junkie? We thought so. Have we got one for you:

THE B WORD is everything you love about Studio B and more…
Each episode includes:
– Honcho Banter
– Interviews with local riff raff
– Clips from our shows

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